London - Doha
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Company Information
Qatar Airways started in 1997.
Website Qatar Airways
Homebase Doha Qatar
Travelquality Star Rating: 5
Flightcode: QR

Qatar Crew


If you ask people: "do you want to fly with Qatar Airways ", most of them will
tell you, No I don't fly with a Middle East Airline, because the service is not up
to European Standards. I asked my friends ( who are not into travelling ) the
same question and most of them reacted the same. Qatar Airways is not
up to the European Standards but Qatar Airways is providing a suburb service.
Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world. They are growing that
fast that you have to visit the website Qatar Airways daily to keep up the
information. Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the Arabian Gulf State of
Qatar. They have become one of the world’s fastest growing airlines since the
airline was re-launched in 1997 under the leadership of our Chief Executive
Officer Mr Akbar Al Baker. Qatar Airways is currently flying with A 330-200's,
A 330-300's and they have ordered 2 A 380's and the Qatar Airways is the
launch customer for the A340-600 High Gross Weight aircraft that will be
delivered in 2006.

From London to Doha I flew there new Business Class onboard the airbus 330-300. You will be travelling in one of the most impressive Business Class cabins in the world. The Sleeper seats recline to 160 degrees, and have an independent lumbar support and a foot massage bar. You can be sure to arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed in these great seats.

Qatar Airways Business Class

I had the opportunity to see how the airline meals are being prepared in Doha.
Since the airline is growing that fast, they soon will need a bigger facility. One
of the problems, if your company is expanding that rapidly. But they are
already building a brand new airport at the other side of the road. This to host
the new A 380's and to have the space for there expanding plans.

Qatar Airways Catering Facility Doha

Qatar Airways Catering Facility Doha

I found there catering service very professional and they got chefs from all
over the world, to make the airline meals special, like it has suppose to be
for one of the best airlines in the world. The catering facility is clean, got
lots of space and has very professional equipment like the table that works
like a fridge and keeps the food cold if you are preparing it on the table.

First Class Cabin

On my way back to London I was been able to experience the famous Qatar Airways First Class service. At Doha International Airport you will be able to sit and relax in our airy and light First Class lounge.

The friendly dedicated lounge staff will serve you a selection of hot and cold
appetizers while you are waiting to board. You can also use the business centre,
or take a shower.
They bring you to your aircraft in the latest Series-7 BMW.
The BMWs characterize the style, luxury and comfort that they want to surround
you with. I finally boarded the A 330-200 for my flight to London. If you are
travelling on one of the A330s, you will be able to stretch out in comfort on the
180-degree flatbeds. Qatar Airways was the first of the Middle Eastern based
airlines to introduce the flatbed. You will have your own personal telephone,
power point for a laptop, and a personal in-seat television monitor to watch a
wide range of the latest English and Arabic movies. We will also give you a
feather duvet, slippers, pyjamas and an overnight amenity kit.

View over Doha after take-off

The plane was ready to take off and I viewed the take-off on the hugh 15 inch monitors in the back of the seats. When I looked outside I quickly took a photo. We where just flying over one of the Luxury Hotels in Doha. Many more luxury Hotels are been build in Doha as the city is growing as fast as the airline.

Just after take off the friendly stewardesses started to serve the meals. I knew how the food was prepared and was not surprised by the excellent presentation and taste of the meal. After the main course I ordered some fresh coffee with a nice cake as dessert. Click on the meal to see the complete Meal Course.


Shortly after I finished my First Class meal I watched one of the great movies
on the In-flight Entertainment system and enjoyed my ride. Qatar Airways, A
Middle East Airline with a perfect, if not the best service around. I sure hope they
soon start flying to Amsterdam so I can enjoy there service more often.

All this would rate Qatar Airways a 5 star airline.

* Excellent and Perfect service from the friendly and professional cabin crew.
* Excellent seats as well in the First- as Business Class.
* Excellent meal and beverage service as well in the First- as Business Class.
* A Great First- and Business Lounge with free internet service.
* A Limo service which brings you to the aircraft.

Auditor Andy Smulders 2005